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IB-10T   IB-10-T North Tab
IB-101T   IB-101-T To Route Tab
IB-11T   IB-11-T East Tab
IB-12T   IB-12-T South Tab
IB-13T   IB-13-T West Tab
IB-14T   IB-14-T By-Pass Tab
IB-15T   IB-15-T Ends Tab
IB-16T   IB-16-T Begins Tab
IB-23   IB-23 Bicycle Route Marker
IB-3   IB-3 Junction (JCT)
IB-4   IB-4 Junction
IB-5   IB-5 Large Junction
IB-5T   IB-5-TL/IB-5-TR Advance Sharp Turn Arrow
IB-6T   IB-6-TL/IB-6-TR Advance Turn Arrow Tab
IB-7T   IB-7-T Straight Arrow Tab
IB-8T   IB-8-TL/IB-8-TR Arrow Tab
IB-9T   IB-9-TL/IB-9-TR Arrow Tab
IC-1   IC-1 Fuel
IC-10   IC-10 Hospital
IC-11   IC-11 Large Airport
IC-12   IC-12 Small Airport
IC-13   IC-13 Parking
IC-14   IC-14 Access for the Disabled
IC-15   IC-15 Boat Launch Ramp
IC-16   IC-16 Police
IC-17   IC-17 Ferry
IC-18   IC-18SL/IC-18SR Distance (Km) and Arrow Tab
IC-19   IC-19 Bicycle Parking
IC-1D   IC-1D Fuel
IC-2   IC-2 Food
IC-20   IC-20 Museum
IC-21   IC-21 Bed & Breakfast
IC-3   IC-3 Trailer Campground
IC-4   IC-4 Tent Campground
IC-5   IC-5 Picnic Table
IC-6   IC-6 Telephone
IC-7   IC-7 Accommodation
IC-8   IC-8 Travel Information
IC-9   IC-9 Viewpoint
ID-1   ID-1 County
ID-15   ID-15 Cyclists Pushbutton Tunnel
ID-16   ID-16 Cyclists Pushbutton Bridge
ID-17   ID-17 Pushbutton Ahead
ID-2   ID-2 River Name
ID-20   ID-20-L/ID-20-R Pushbutton
ID-21   ID-21-L/ID-21-R For Walk Signal Push Button
ID-22   ID-22SL/ID-22SR Fire Truck Entrance
ID-23   ID-23 Passing Lane Ahead
ID-23S   ID-23S Passing Lane 2 Km Tab
ID-3   ID-3 Lake Name
ID-31   ID-31 Cul-De-Sac
ID-31T   ID-31-T Cul-De-Sac Tab
ID-32   ID-32 Traffic Calmed Neighbourhood
ID-32S   ID-32S Traffic Calmed Neighbourhood Tab
RA-1   RA-1 Stop
RA-2   RA-2 Yield
RA-3   RA-3-L/RA-3-R School Crosswalk
RA-4   RA-4-L/RA-4-R Pedestrian Crosswalk
RA-5   RA-5-L/RA-5-R Special Crosswalk Overhead
RA-6   RA-6 Railway Crossing
RA-6S   RA-6S Railway Crossing Tab
RA-7   RA-7 Yield to Bicycles
RA-8   RA-8 Yield to Pedestrians
RB-1   RB-1 Maximum Speed
RB-10   RB-10 Through Traffic Prohibited
RB-11   RB-11-L/RB-11-R No Turn
RB-11S1   RB-11-S1 Supplementary Tab "Except Buses"
RB-11S2   RB-11-S2 Supplementary Tab "Time of Day / Day of Week"
RB-14   RB-14-L/RB-14-R Turn
RB-15   RB-15 No Turns
RB-16   RB-16 U-Turn Prohibited
RB-17   RB-17-L/RB-17-R Turn on Red Traffic Signal Prohibited
RB-17T   RB-17-T/RB-17-TF On Red Tab
RB-19S   RB-19S Ends Tab
RB-1S   RB-1S Maximum Speed Tab
RB-2   RB-2 Trucks Maximum Speed
RB-21   RB-21 One Way
RB-22   RB-22 Wrong Way
RB-23   RB-23 Do Not Enter
RB-23T   RB-23-T/RB-23-TF Do Not Enter Tab
RB-24   RB-24 Two Way Traffic
RB-24T   RB-24-T/RB-24-TF Two Way Traffic Tab
RB-25   RB-25 Keep Right
RB-3   RB-3 Night Speed
RB-31   RB-31 Do Not Pass
RB-31T   RB-31-T/RB-31-TF Do Not Pass Tab
RB-32   RB-32 Passing Permitted
RB-32T   RB-32-T/RB-32-TF Passing Permitted Tab
RB-33   RB-33 Motor Vehicles Passing Prohibited
RB-33S   RB-33S Do Not Pass Bicycles Tab
RB-34   RB-34 Keep Right Except to Pass
RB-35   RB-35 Slower Traffic Keep Right
RB-36   RB-36 Yield Center Line to Opposing Traffic
RB-4   RB-4 Minimum Speed
RB-41   RB-41-L/RB-41-R Turn Only
RB-42   RB-42-L/RB-42-R Straight Through or Turn
RB-43   RB-43 Turn Left or Right
RB-44   RB-44 All Movements Permitted
RB-45   RB-45 Straight Through Only
RB-46   RB-46-L/RB-46-R Double Turn
RB-47   RB-47-L/RB-47-R Lane Control (2 Lanes)
RB-48   RB-48 Left Turn Lane Control
RB-48S   RB-48S Centre Lane Tab
RB-49   RB-49 Lane Control (3 Lanes)
RB-51   RB-51 No Parking
RB-52   RB-52 Part-Time Parking Control
RB-53   RB-53 Parking Permitted
RB-55   RB-55 No Stopping
RB-57   RB-57 Part-Time Stopping
RB-58   RB-58 No Stopping Except Buses
RB-60   RB-60 No Parking Except Buses
RB-61   RB-61 Truck Route
RB-61T   RB-61-T/RB-61-TF Truck Route Tab
RB-61S   RB-61S Permissible Movement (Variable Arrows)
RB-62   RB-62 Trucks Prohibited
RB-63   RB-63 Max Weight
RB-64   RB-64 Snowmobile Route
RB-65   RB-65 Snowmobile Prohibited
RB-66   RB-66 Pedestrians Prohibited
RB-67   RB-67 Cycling Prohibited
RB-68   RB-68 Lane Use Restriction
RB-69   RB-69 Dangerous Goods Route
RB-69T   RB-69-T/RB-69-TF Dangerous Goods Route Tab
RB-70   RB-70 Dangerous Goods Prohibited
RB-70T   RB-70-T/RB-70TF Dangerous Goods Carriers Prohibited Tab
RB-71   RB-71 Parking Control Except Disabled
RB-72   RB-72 Stopping Prohibited Except Disabled
RB-75   RB-75 Truck Inspection Station
RB-75S1   RB-75S1 Commercial Vehicles Next Right
RB-75S2   RB-75S2 Closed Tab
RB-75S3   RB-75S3 Open Tab
RB-76   RB-76 Truck Inspection Station Advance
RB-76T   RB-76-T Inspection Tab
RB-77   RB-77 Truck Inspection Station Next Right
RB-78   RB-78 Cycling Prohibited on Sidewalk
RB-79   RB-79 Dismount and Walk
RB-80   RB-80 Reserved Lane Overhead
RB-80A   RB-80A Reserved Lane Overhead
RB-80S1   RB-80S1 Begins Tab
RB-80S2   RB-80S2 Ends Tab
RB-81   RB-81 Reserved Lane Adjacent
RB-81A   RB-81A Reserved Lane Adjacent
RB-84   RB-84 In-Line Skating Prohibited
RB-85   RB-85 Motorcycles Prohibited
RB-86   RB-86 Pedestrians and Motorcycles Prohibited
RB-87   RB-87 All-Terrain Vehicles Prohibited
RB-88   RB-88 Automobiles Prohibited
RB-89   RB-89 Automobiles and Motorcycles Prohibited
RB-90   RB-90 Reserved Bicycle Lane Overhead
RB-91   RB-91 Reserved Bicycle Lane Adjacent
RB-92   RB-92 Reserved Bicycle Lane Ends
RB-93   RB-93 Shared Pathway
RB-94   RB-94 Pathway Organization
RB-95   RB-95 Pathway Organization
RB-9S   RB-9S Except Bicycles Tab
RC-4L   RC-4-L Stop Line
RC-4R   RC-4-R Stop Line
RC-5   RC-5 No Littering
RC-5T   RC-5-T/RC-5-TF Do Not Litter Tab
RC-5S   RC-5S Maximum Fine Tab
WA-1   WA-1-L/WA-1-R Single Turn
WA-10A   WA-10A Ramp Advisory Speed
WA-11   WA-11 Concealed Road
WA-112   WA-112-L/WA-112-R
WA-12   WA-12-L/WA-12-R Concealed Road
WA-13   WA-13-L/WA-13-R Concealed Road
WA-14   WA-14 Intersection
WA-15   WA-15 Y Intersection
WA-16   WA-16-L/WA-16-R Merge
WA-17   WA-17 Double Arrow
WA-19   WA-19-L/WA-19-R Cross-Road Railway Crossing
WA-2   WA-2-L/WA-2-R Curve
WA-21   WA-21 Hill
WA-21A   WA-21A-T/WA-21A-TF Use Lower Gear
WA-22   WA-22 Bump
WA-22A   WA-22A-T/WA-22A-TF Bump Tab
WA-23   WA-23 Road Narrows
WA-23LR   WA-23-L/WA-23-R Road Narrows
WA-23-T   WA-23-T/WA-23-TF Road Narrows Tab
WA-24   WA-24 Narrow Structure
WA-24A   WA-24A-T/WA-24A-TF One Lane Tab
WA-24C   WA-24C-T/WA-24C-TF Narrow Bridge
WA-25   WA-25 Pavement Ends
WA-25T   WA-25-T/WA-25-TF Pavement Ends Tab
WA-26   WA-26 Low Clearance
WA-27   WA-27 Low Clearance
WA-28T   WA-28-T/WA-28-TF Next km
WA-3   WA-3-L/WA-3-R Curve
WA-31   WA-31 Divided Highway Begins
WA-31T   WA-31-T/WA-31-TF Divided Highway Beings Tab
WA-32   WA-32 Divided Highway Ends
WA-32T   WA-32-T/WA-32-TF Divided Highway Ends Tab
WA-33   WA-33-L/WA-33-R Road Narrows Loss Of Lane
WA-33A-L   WA-33A-TL/WA-33A-TLF Lane Ends Tab
WA-33A-R   WA-33A-TR/WA-33A-TRF Lane Ends Tab
WA-34   WA-34 Divided Highway Ahead
WA-34T   WA-34-T/WA-34-TF Divided Highway Tab
WA-36   WA-36 Hazard Marker Centre
WA-36LR   WA-36-L/WA-36-R Hazard Markers
WA-4   WA-4-L/WA-4-R Reverse Turn

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